Indexing subject specialisms

health and wellbeing

I welcome commissions in nursing, allied health, mental health and wellbeing, psychology, public health etc., from works intended for a more general audience (including 'self-help' and popular medicine), to scholarly works for readers up to postgraduate level.

I have worked as an academic in a university research centre, undertaking and publishing literature  reviews and qualitative research in collaboration with nursing, allied health, and public health colleagues and practitioners, in the broad area of health (physical and mental) and wellbeing. I have also taught postgraduate students and supervised doctoral students in physiotherapy and psychology.  See my Publications. 

Cartoon owl with stethoscope
natural history and nature conservation

I welcome commissions in ecology, natural history, nature conservation etc., from works intended for a general audience to university-level books and textbooks.  

I have a Certificate in Environmental Conservation, and have worked with a wildlife trust and ecological record centres. Spending time in green spaces (urban and rural) and feeling connected to nature is important to me.


Cartoon owl with safari hat and binoculars
science and mathematics

I welcome works in all areas of science including those aimed at a general audience (all areas, including the history and philosophy of science),  to 'A' level (mathematics and chemistry), or to undergraduate standard (environmental sciences and physics).

Cartoon owl with apple bouncing off head

I have a physics degree (Oxford University), chemistry and mathematics to 'A' level, and a Certificate in Environmental Conservation. I enjoy learning about science and science history from books, magazines, and museums, and recently have become interested in astronomy and cosmology.


I welcome works on classical music, composers, music theory, and music history, aimed at general readership or up to 'A' level standard.

Cartoon owl playing violin

I have an ALCM diploma in pianoforte, and have recently started learning the bass guitar.



I welcome works on gardening aimed at a general readership level.

Cartoon owl sitting on gardening spade

I am a keen gardener and consumer of gardening books. 

other subjects

I welcome other subjects too - in fact I have indexed many books that don't fall into any of the above categories (including books on education, management, and the visual arts) so please contact me if your subject is not listed above.