Indexing rates

I endeavour to accommodate all reasonable budgetary requirements. My rates are competitive, but fair for the specialised and high quality indexing service I deliver. We will agree a rate for the job before I commence work. 


As an indication, I provide below the Society of Indexers recommended rates. Please note that these rates apply to less specialised texts: my fee will be determined on a commission-by-commission basis by:

  • the complexity and length of the text being indexed

  • the size of the index produced

  • any requirement to produce an embedded index

  • how tight the turnaround time is 

Society of Indexers indexing rates (updated Jan 2020)

£25.90 per hour / £2.90 per page / £7.80 per thousand words of text

Proofreading rates

We will agree a rate for the job before I commence work. This will be determined on a per 1000 word basis rather than an hourly rate (although see below for the Chartered Institute of Editors and Proofreaders recommended minimum rates). The rate for your job will be calculated based on a representative chapter, the level of intervention I will provide (as agreed), and my assessment of how much time this will take me.

As an indication, I would normally expect to charge between £10 and £18 per 1000 words. 

Chartered Institute of Editors and Proofreaders  rates (updated Mar 2020)

£25.40 per hour for proofreading / £29.60 per hour for copy-editing

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