Indexing fees

We will agree a cost for the job before I commence work.


I use the Society of Indexers recommended minimum rates (below) as a starting point. Please note that these rates apply to less specialised texts, and my fee will be determined on a commission-by-commission basis by:

  • the complexity and length of the text being indexed

  • the complexity and length of the index produced

  • any requirement to produce an embedded index

  • how tight the turnaround time is 


I will usually ask to see a sample chapter or two before confirming my fee. This will also provide the opportunity to discuss any specific indexing requirements you have (e.g. treatment of cited authors, personal/place names, and titles of creative works), and for me to make suggestions if appropriate. ​

Society of Indexers indexing rates (updated Jan 2022)

£27.15 per hour / £3.05 per page / £8.20 per thousand words of text